C50 Rack Conveyor Dishwasher



Restaurants, hotels, dining halls and canteens. People who work in these places know: Sometimes things have to happen really fast. In the kitchen too. Stacks of plates, cups, glasses and cutlery must be hygienically cleaned as quickly as possible. This is precisely why Winterhalter has developed the C50 rack conveyor dishwasher: The warewashing system was developed for maximum performance and is designed for maximum speeds. With compact dimensions and modules that can be combined individually. For first-class wash results while requiring little space

The major strength of the C50 is in its performance: With it you can achieve up to 260 racks per hour. And all this with compact dimensions and low space requirements. Three different speed levels allow you to adjust the wash cycle to suit the volume of wash items. With this, you are ready for anything. Even at peak times

With the C50 you have – and will continue to have – full flexibility: The machine is available in 2 basic versions, “single rinse” and “dual rinse”. The modular system also offers different configuration and installation options. Pre-cleaning zone or drying zone? Possibility for HighTemp mode? Mechanical or electrical corner conveyor? Linear or corner inlet table? It is all possible – and can of course be upgraded later

The C50 is specifically designed for first-class wash results, hygienic cleanliness and excellent drying: With a standard tank heating performance of 18 kW, upgradeable tank heating performance to 27 kW (HighTemp) and a well-thought-out hygienic design. The boiler heating always operates, independently of the water pressure provided on site, with a stable 27 kW: This guarantees consistent and perfect rinse results

The C50 is simple: simple to install, simple to operate, and simple to clean. The display is self-explanatory and language-neutral. Automatic programmes help you during the cleaning and ensure fast emptying and filling of the machine. That makes your C50 ready for use in no time at all
General data


C 50 M

Single rinse


C 50 L

Dual rinse

Tank capacity (rinse tank)95
95 (12.5)
Rack dimension500 x 500
500 x 500
Clear entry height450
Tank temperature (HighTemp)*562 (> 71)62 (> 71)°c
Rinse water temperature8585°c
Wash pump1.61.6kW
Noise emission< 70< 70dB(A)
Splash guardIPX5IPX5 


Weight net / gross

Basic machine200/250230/280kg
with pre-cleaning zone225 / 307255 / 337kg
with drying zone266 / 348296 / 378kg

 with pre-cleaning and drying zone

291 / 405321 / 435kg
Max. inlet water temperature6060°c 
Required water flow pressure with non pressurized boiler 1.5–6.0/150–600 1.5–6.0/150-600
bar / kPA
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