UC Series Undercounter Warewasher



Precisely tailored for the wash items you use. Thanks to various machine sizes, it fits perfectly into your available space. The UC Series from Winterhalter impresses with its intuitive controls, economical operation and excellent cost-effectiveness. Its mission is sparkling glasses, clean dishes, and impeccable cutlery The idea behind it: to meet all your wishes and requirements. Whatever industry you work in. Wherever you are in the world. An all-in-one system. But configurable in a way that results in a customised solution. Your dream machine

UC Series Product
Customised Solution
Perfectly adapted to the space available to you and your dishes: the UC is available in sizes S, M, L and XL. There are four different variants for you to choose from: a glass, dish, cutlery and bistro washer. Each of these has up to three standard programmes and numerous equipment options
Economical and Efficient
The new UC Series is even more economical to operate: the optimised wash field reduces water consumption by up to 25 % compared to the previous model. Consumption of electricity and chemicals also drops, further minimising overall operating costs. All this with first-class wash results
Cleanliness and Hygiene
Sparkling and hygienically clean. Visually unblemished. The UC guarantees perfect wash results over and over again. For the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. And the highest standards of quality and reliability
A smart touch display with programme and progress indicator. Single-button operation. Ergonomic door handle. Easy to clean, with two wash fields that can be removed with one hand at the push of a button. Operation of the UC is easy and intuitive


General data









Tank capacity9.515.315.315.3l
Rack dimensions400x400500x500500x500


• 500x500

• 500x540

Clear entry height309309404404mm
Wash pump0.
Noise emissionmax. 55max. 55max. 55max. 55dB(A)
Splash guard with plastic rear coverIPX3IPX3IPX3-
Splash guard with CN rear panel IPX5IPX5IPX5IPX5
Weight net/ gross59 / 6864 / 7469 / 7969 / 79kg
Weight net/ gross (with Energy)64 / 7370 / 8075 / 8575 / 85kg
Weight net/ gross (with Excellence-i)79 / 8885 / 95--kg
Max. inlet water temperature60 (Energy: 20) (Excellence-i: 35)60 (Energy: 20) (Excellence-i: 35)60 (Energy: 20) (Excellence-i: 35)60 (Energy: 20) (Excellence-i: 35)°c
Required water flow pressure


1.0 –6.0/


1.0 –6.0/

1.0 –6.0/

1.0 –6.0/

bar/ kPA
Required water flow pressure (with Energy)1.5 –6.0 / 150–6001.5 –6.0 / 150–6001.5 –6.0 / 150–6001.5 –6.0 / 150–600bar/ kPA
Required water flow pressure (with UC Excellence-i)1.4 –6.0 / 140–6001.4 –6.0 / 140–6001.4 –6.0 / 140–6001.4 –6.0 / 140–600bar/ kPA
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