Dishwasher WINTERHALTER CTR Series



It has to be compact. Because there’s generally not a lot of space in the kitchen. It has to be fast. Because there’s a lot to wash at peak times. It has to be modular. So that it can be tailored precisely to meet individual requirements and demands. Naturally it should also be economical to operate. The impossible becomes reality with the CTR from Winterhalter : high washing performance and compact dimensions. Up to 195 racks per hour. Lower consumption values and lower operating costs. Maximum hygiene safety – and a huge degree of flexibility. This is thanks to the modular system, which enables the CTR to be easily planned, individually configured and retrofitted. The perfect solution for 100 to 400 diners



It offers a wide range of machine variants, is available with up to three tanks and has modules and features that can be refitted: the CTR is based on a modular system and can be customised to precisely meet your individual requirements. Even for confined spaces



The CTR is designed with hygiene always in mind. Doors that open 180° and deep-drawn tanks. Hygiene tank heater. In addition, a hygiene mode that can be preset: if the tank or boiler temperature falls below the set value, the machine automatically reduces the transport speed, thus guaranteeing a hygienic wash. The hygiene certificate in accordance with DIN SPEC 10534 confirms this



An efficient warewashing system. A newly conceived and simplified machine design. And effective solutions in the area of hygiene safety and filtration : the CTR also guarantees first-class wash results for large loads



A big plus for the CTR : in spite of its high rack capacity, it has been possible to reduce water consumption during rinsing by up to 50% – to a minimum of just 130 litres per hour. This is made possible by the speed-dependent control of the rinse water volume. So you can wash as economically and environmentally friendly as possible


General data

Single rinse

Dual rinse

Tank capacity7583l
Rack dimensions500x500(for straight installation:500 x600)500x500(for straight installation:500 x600)mm
Clear entry height450450mm
Clearance width / passage width530/510530/510mm
Working height900900mm
Wash pump2.22.2kW
Noise emission<70<70dB(A)
IP protection classIPX5IPX5
Max. inlet water temperature60 (Energy: 20)60 (Energy: 20)ºC
Required water flow pressure on-site1,5 –10,0 / 150–1.0001,5 –10,0 / 150–1.000bar/ kPA
Tank temperature6363ºC
Boiler temperature8585ºC
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