Dishwasher WINTERHALTER (MT Series)



Large-scale dishwashing of mixed items. With no fixed washing times, distributed irregularly throughout the day. A job for the MTR: the efficient multi-tank conveyor dishwasher does its job effortlessly. No matter what comes its way. It’s easy to use and economical. Modular design and individual configuration. Perfectly tailored to the space at your disposal and your requirements. A machine you can rely on, and which guarantees safety. In the kitchens of hotels and restaurants. In smaller canteens and nursing facilities. Always ready.



The MTR is designed for the highest hygiene standards. With your machine architecture. Your hygiene and cleaning concept. Your special programmes and equipment details. It therefore meets all the requirements of the DIN standard.



Touch screen with self-explanatory pictograms. Intuitive programme selection. Doors that can be opened 180°. Open the unit effortlessly with just one finger. The well conceived details make operation of the MTR simple, safe and convenient.



The MTR warewashing system is extremely efficient. It ensures cleanliness and hygiene of the highest standard. At all times. Even with large loads of dishes.



With integrated economy functions: thanks to innovative technology in the rinse zone, water consumption is reduced to a minimum in the MTR. This also significantly reduces the consumption of energy and washing chemicals. Overall, that means lower operating costs. And greater cost-efficiency.

MTF HighSpeed

Model >MTF 3-3400 MMMMTF 3-3900 MLMMTF 3-4600 LLMMTF 4-4600 MMMMMTF 4-5200 MLMMMTF 4-5800 LLMMMTF 4-6400 LLLMMTF 5-8000 LLLLM
Theoretical capacity (65mm conveyor belt)

– Intensive15001700200020002200250027003600Plates/ h
– Standard22002600300030003400380041005400Plates/ h
– Rapid34003900460046005200580064008000Plates/ h
Machine length (without air knife drying, drying,
loading and unloading zone)
Total water tank capacity240240240325325325325410l
Average rinse water volume with triple rinse (optional) *240240260260270270280310l/h



MTL HighSpeed

Model >MTR 2-210 MMMTR 2-240 SMMMTR 2-240 LMMTR 3-250 MMMMTR 3-270 MLMMTR 3-340 LLMMTR 4-340 MMMMMTR 4-380 MLMM
Theoretical capacity

– Intensive85110110100115135135150Racks/ h
– Standard130165165150175205205225Racks/ h
– Rapid210240240250270340340380Racks/ h
Machine length (without splash box, blowing-out and drying zone and table system)14001750175021002450280028003150mm
Total water tank capacity155155155240240240325325l
Average rinse water volume with triple rinse (optional) *220220220220220240240250l/h

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