Dishwasher Hobart Ecomax F504



For budget-oriented operators who seek a plus in comfort and equipment. Ecomax plus combines all the features of an Ecomax dishwasher and offers a plus in wash power, energy efficiency, noise reduction and ease of use.

Brand : Hobart

• Electronic control with digital temperature indication
• Flat surface of control panel
• 2 selectable wash cycles
• Rotating top and bottom wash system to distribute the wash water evenly over the dishes
• Indented nozzles prevent blocking
• Thermostop-function for guaranteed rinse temperatures
• Integrated self-cleaning cycle
• Removal of wash & rinse arms without any tools
• Easy access to all parts
• Deep drawn rack track
• Door safety lock
• Double-walled insulated front door
• Tank strainer reduces soiling of the tank water
• Integrated cycle counting, e.g. for control of water treatment system
• USB connector easier service access
• Back flow prevention & Watermark Approved
• Includes: Plate rack, Universal rack and Cutlery basket
• Rinse aid & Detergent dispensers
• Includes water supply hose & drain hose
• Rear panelling
• Cycle Times: 60 / 150 sec
• Capacity per hour: up to 60 racks
• Power: 2.4kw / 15 Amp Single Phase Plug and Lead
• Rack size: 500 x 500mm
• Loading Height: 360mm
• Made in Germany
• Dimensions (mm): 576w x 604d x 820h

Power cord
15 A single phase plug & lead
Wash tank temperature
55-60 °C
Rinse water temperature
(booster tank)
Minimum 82 °C
Low temp cut-out
(thermostop) activated
Cycle times
1. 60 sec.
2. 150 sec.
Water consumption
2.3 litres
Tank capacity
25 litres
Tank heating
1.8 kW
Power supply
240/50/1 - 15 A
Booster loading
1.9 kW
Total loading
2.4 kW
Pump capacity
340 watts
Loading height
360 mm
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