Hood-type Dishwasher (AM900)



Hood-type dishwasher for straight through or corner operation, capacity 60 racks, 1080 plates or 2,160 glasses per hour.

Brand : Hobart

• Ready to install: incl. fill and drain hoses, power cord, non-return valve
• Completely equipped with rinse pressure pump
• Electronic Control SMARTRONIC: with status indication
• Hood Design EASY-LIFT: 50% less effort is needed to open the hood - a real benefit for the operator
• Hood Concept E-STORE with fully enclosed 4-sided hood keeps the steam and also the energy inside the system: energy saving up to 3 kW/h. Less humidity in the kitchen area and better hygienic conditions
• Rinse Pump ACCURINSE: guarantees a constant 2,5 l rinse, independent of on-site pressure. Saves up to 30% water, energy and chemicals.
• Wide Angle Nozzles FAN are precise and efficient: wash water is distributed evenly around the wash chamber

      Flexible drain hose 2,000 mm     20mm inner / 25mm outer diam.
      Fresh water connection:  pressure hose 2,000 mm
      flow pressure

      necesassary waterflow
     R 3/4" inside
     0.5 - 10 bar max 60°C
     softener models:
     0.8 - 10 bar
     5 l/min
      Power cord     2,500 mm
      Hoses for detergent and rinse agent     2,000 mm each
      Cycle times 1)     60 sec.
     90 sec.
     120 sec.
     Water consumption     2.5 l / rack
     Tank capacity     21 l
     Tank heating     2.5 kW interlocked
     Power supply     400 / 50 / 3 / N
     Booster loading     12.6 kW
     Total loading     7 kW / 3 x 16 A
     Pump capacity     0.7 kW / 350 l/min
     Loading height     440 mm
     Noise level     67 dB(A)
     Weight gross / net     121 / 101 kg



     Back panel 
     (if unit is not installed against wall, all units have closing frame       to wall at rear)
   Corner splash panel 
     for open gap to the wall in case of corner installation
   Hygiene chemical tablets INTENSIVE 
     12 boxes a 15 tabs

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