Spiral Mixer



CHANMAG provides a variety of dough mixers and other bakery products that can meet the production quantity and efficiency required by customers. Our products are suitable for use by bakeries, restaurants, hotels and factories to produce bread, bagels, pizzas, French breads and other baked goods. CHANMAG mixers can shorten dough mixing time and increase production capacity while evenly mixing the dough. Our mixers have a two-stage motor, mixing bowls that can be operated forward and reverse, an adjustable automatic timer or be set to automatic or manual work. CHANMAG mixers are easy to operate and can be matched with a variety of other products.

Brand : Chanmag

• Dough Capacity : 200 KG
• Flour Capacity 125 KG
• Bowl Diameter : 875 mm
• Spiral Hook Motor :12 KW
• Bowl Motor : 1.1 KW
• Hydraulic Motor : 0.75 KW
• Power : 3 PH, 50/60 HZ
• Net Weight : 1290 KG
• Size : 1050 x 1910 x 1340 mm (WxDxH)



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