Slatted Shelf



Multipurpose shelf Made from quality grade stainless steel Suitable for all types of kitchen areas. Can be used in food storage rooms and cold rooms. Strong and durable. Can be made to order in the desired size.

Shelf size example (mm)
• 800x500x1500
• 900x500x1500
• 1000x500x1500
• 1100x500x1500
• 1200x500x1500
• 1300x500x1500
• 1400x500x1500
• 1500x500x1500
• 1600x500x1500
• 1700x500x1500
• 1800x500x1500
• 1900x500x1500
• 2000x500x1500
• 2100x500x1500
• 2200x500x1500
• 2300x500x1500
and size according to demand

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