Hydraulic Dough Divider (20 Pieces)



CHANMAG CM-H20D hydraulic Dough Divider gently divides up to 16 kg of dough in 20 even pieces. Simple to operate, the square chamber minimizes pressure on dough combining performance, speed and work comfort. This unit is perfect for use in small and large bakeries, food service operations.

Brand : Chanmag

•  High efficiency and accuracy to divide dough weight averagely.
•  Heavy duty steel frame.
•  High quality stainless steel knives and lid guard.
•  Mounted on two locking swivel casters and two non-locking swivel casters.

•  Dough Capacity: 3 ~ 16 KG
•  Dough Dividing Weight: 150 ~ 800 g / pcs
•  Dough Number: 20 pcs
•  Power. 3 PH, 50/60 HZ
•  Pump Motor: 1.5 KW
•  Net Weight: 369 KG
•  Size: 638 x 768 x 1176 mm (WxDxH)



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