Electrical Dough Dividing Machine



CHANMAG CM-336 Electrical Dough Dividing Machine is the satisfying for bakeries, restaurants, hotels, commercial kitchens etc. It divides the pan into 36 equal pieces. With 4 casters mounted on stand. Easy to use, clean and maintain. Technical Features The cutting mould can be set on the upper, and operated by two dram rotational with mechanic principles, workers saving & long life. One machine owns duplicate functions. Quick action accuracy and evenness in cutting. Good for cutting, taking off and not to stick on. Easy to clean, free from trouble of assembling & disassembling.

Brand : Chanmag

•  Dough Capacity: 3 ~ 16 KG
•  Dough Dividing Weigh: 30 g ~ 100 glpcs
•  Dough Number: 36 pcs
•  Operating Time: 3.5 sec
•  Power. 1 PH, 50/60 Hz
•  Motor. 0.19 KW
•  Net Weight 120 KG
•  Size: 420 x 520 x 1220 mm (WxDxH)

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