Proving Room



Proving Room. Easily fits in a laboratory thanks to its compact size. It is used to regulate time, temperature and hygrometry rate for each kind of dough. Can be provided as 600 x 800 mm version, 400 x 800 mm version or 600 x 800 mm version…, from 1 to 16 racks.

Brand : Caplain

• Electronical control panel
• Many models from 1 to 16 trolleys
• Polyurethane foam panels (45kg/m3), thickness 60 mm
• Stainless steel interior, food grade Lacquered steel exterior
• Inside lightning
• Electronical humidity probe
• Adjustable humidity rate from 35 up to 85%
Options :
• Striated and anti-skid ground made of resistant insulating resin
• Additional door - Window for door
• Stainless steel exterior and ceiling
• Adjustable humidity rate up to 95%

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